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Today's businesses have numerous protection needs.  Hampton Security Group understands the need to have experienced and trained personnel to monitor property, facility and personal protection.


Event planning can be a major task for anyone be it large or small.  Let the staff at Hampton Security Group assist you with logistics by working with planning coordinators for a successful, program. 


Does your organization require an officer response within a certain window of time to minimize or mitigate risk?  Let Hampton Security Group manage your most sensitive needs day or night. 


When it becomes necessary for sensitive matters to be handled by investigative professionals, consider Hampton Security Group.  Hampton Security Group manages the investigative process professionally and with a high degree of confidentiality. 


Increasing security risk are prompting businesses to gravitate toward consultation services to determine manpower and electronic access control services.  Let Hampton Security Group's personnel advise you on where potential risk are and how to effectively minimize or mitigate those risk while working within the organizations budget plan. 

HSG provides comprehensive Executive Protection and Threat Management Services that helps you create security programs that deter and reduce threats.


Our highly trained professionals provide reliable 24/7 protection for CEOs, Board of Directors, Celebrities and Corporate leaders.


The most effective executive personnel protection/threat managment is based on advance planning, timely information, and coordination with local authorities.


Strategic planning along with comprehensive protection personnel make the thought of using a personal body guard like protecting your valuables with a simple padlock.

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